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Ocedo was born out of the frustration that networking has experienced limited innovation over the last 20 years. While the IT industry has enjoyed innovation such as virtualization in computing and storage, network administrators are still entering terminal commands, often sitting uncomfortably wherever the physical networking hardware happens to reside.

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Ocedo's Magento platform now allows you to centrally manage networks from the cloud, dynamically configure access through network automation, and gain full usage visibility through application-layer inspection.

Using the online interface, clients can:

  • Deploy hardware to remote sites without on site staff
  • Control their network centrally from a multi-tenant cloud console
  • View network activity in all sites
  • Provision complete network infrastructure instantly
  • Automate virtual networks between offices and data centers
  • Encrypt end-to-end network traffic

The app gives the end users device choice while controlling network usage and improves experience by allowing users to self enroll their new devices. This allows guests and visitors to have immediate wifi access while tracking identity.

Heavy Customisation

A trial checkout functionality allows customers to order trial hardware for free (with a credit card authorisation), and have the option return it within 45 days. If they decide to keep it the authorisation nis captured, but if the customer returns the trial hardware within the deadline, a refund is performed. This process is also completely integrated with the ERP solution.

The single sign on with ZenDesk, allows for a consistent experience between the main website and the support website. A system to monitor service up-time status is also available.

Complete ERP warehouse integration was also a key element in the project.

Our work on the project

  • Magento responsive integration
  • Trial products & customised checkout
  • ZenDesk integration
  • ERP integration

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