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Just as the "no frills, just deals" slogan points out, MyDealCompass's goal is to provide its users with a great way to find deals around them without any unnecessary complication. The interface greets the user with a beautiful large size map and easy search and filtering, and allows the user to directly dive into the deal hunting. To maximize simplicity, MyDealCompass also allows for login through Facebook, so there's no need to remember yet another password.

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The MyDealCompass website is complemented by mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms to ensure optimal experience for the user. The site automatically adjusts to the user's screen size in order to offer the best possible design for both the 13″ laptop user and the 24″ desktop user.

The businesses that list on the website received the same attention to ease of use as the users. The business model is a simple one, with clear structure, plain pricing and great tools. Businesses have a great interface where they can easily define their deals, buy featured deals and track their views and conversions on neat graphs.

With the rise of HTML5, we've decided to rely on it heavily, while also maintaining the compatibility with all major browsers and versions. The website relies on HTML5 for geo-location tracking, for drawing of the analytics graphs and much more. The map interface is using the Google Maps API, and all pins and displayed locations are done through custom Javascript.

In collaboration with our hosting partner RackSpace, we've built a state of the art solution that beautifully scales, through load balancing the main servers onto cloud servers that automatically deploy when traffic peaks and are are taken down when traffic is reduced, offering not only redundancy but also practically unlimited scaling possibilities.

Our work on the project

  • Responsive website design
  • Frontend and backend development
  • Deployment & support

The technologies we used

  • PHP5 & MySQL
  • Zend Framework
  • HTML5 & CSS
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • Google Maps API
  • iOS Objective-C
  • Android Java

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