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Everybody has personal finances and the related personal finance issues, so we believe we all needed a better solution than the traditional spreadsheet.

We found a couple of existing solutions, and although some were good, they didn't offer everything we needed. We asked around and found other people with the exact same problem. So our goal was to build a personal finance manager that fulfils the two main needs: keep a good ledger & offer good reports.

CashControl reports
CashControl dashboard
CashControl piggy banks
CashControl bank statement import


We started by laying out out the required functionality: at the core of any personal finance application you have the expenses and the incomes. For incomes we found that for most of us, it consists of regular entries, so we build a system that allows the user to define a recurrence that will automatically add his expenses and income on a regular basis.

Both expenses and incomes are organized into accounts, in order to allow the separation of the cash from bank accounts and from savings accounts; we also added transfers as well as recurrent transfers between these accounts. We found that with credit cards users need a somewhat special function, so the overdraft accounts allow to track the account's overdraft and maximum available balance.

Probably all of us forgot to pay a bill at one time, so we added the bill management functionality that automatically reminds us of monthly bills and manages their payments and due date, so we never forget to pay a bill again.

Finally, we all borrow or lend money, so a module that manages our loans was an obvious addition.

The feedback we're receiving from our users is great! They said CashControl helps them make more savings and finally answer the old "where did the money go" question they asked themselves at the end of each month.

Our work on the project

  • Solution architecture
  • Website interface design
  • Usability study
  • Frontend and backend development
  • iPhone & Android Mobile Applications
  • Management
  • Marketing & PR

The technologies we used

  • PHP5 & MySQL
  • Zend Framework
  • HTML5 & CSS
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • SaaS & Monthly Subscriptions

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