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Blugento is a Software-as-a-Service solution built on Magento Community Edition, with a clear mission to help small businesses start their online shop with zero hassle, on a strong platform they can grow with.

As a result of our hard work, Blugento is the officially recommended solution by Magento for Small Businesses in Europe

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Blugento Example implementation

The problem

All the projects we have on Magento as an agency have a lot of common challenges (translations, payments, shipping, taxes, legal requirements etc.) which we had to address in every project; then shops also needed a personalised theme of course, and many of the times something complex was not required, yet the effort was considerable.

Magento, just like any other software, needs periodic updates and patches in order to fix vulnerabilities and get the latest features available. All these updates require a developer and incur a cost (sometimes significant); ignoring those updates is an extremely dangerous decision.

The client's needs are simple: a fast & stable shop, with good localisation, credit card payments, shipping carriers and a responsive design with brand personalisation. This simple requirement shouldn't cost a fortune.

Our solution

Blugento is our solution to the problem.

We've built Blugento on a very optimised and extremely flexible structure, that allows the shop owner to build a consistent color theme, decide the best layouts for various elements on the site, enable/disable functionality, change images and fonts and basically turn the website into exactly what he needs, without the need for a developer and without compromising on optimisation and speed.

Localisation was also a very important aspect, and Blugento provides proper translations, tax configurations, legally required terms and policies, as well as country specific payment methods, shipping methods and functionality.

All of Magento's powerful features are available to the store owner, and Blugento also has a clear policy of giving the owner full ownership of his data which he can take with him at any time.

Currently Blugento is available in Germany and Romania, but the goal is to quickly expand to other European markets.

Our work on the project

Being co-founders of Blugento, we were in charge of the entire technical part of the projects.

Technologies used

  • Magento CE
  • PHP5 & MySQL
  • HTML5 & SASS
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • Grunt
  • Chef

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