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Custom web development is our core service and we’ve been doing it since the agency was founded in 2005. Our language of choice is PHP and our favorite framework is Zend Framework. Over the past 17 years we worked on hundreds of projects, ranging from complex business SaaS applications to social network sites. We have Zend certified PHP developers with over 10 years experience in PHP.

Zend Certified Developers
CashControl Zend Framework Application
Divvy Zend Framework Application
iVox Zend Framework Application
Flynter Zend Framework Application
DepositPay Zend Framework Application
TEDxCluj Zend Framework Presentation Website
CliqueRestaurantes Zend Framework Website Builder
MyDealCompass Zend Framework Application

we focus on offering the full package of web development: solution architecture, design, development, frontend development, qa, deployment and maintenance.


We think good web development needs to be agile, so we’re all about scrum and kanban. Projects always start by defining the goals and functionality of the product we're aiming to build. Once we're done with that, we plan the development process by breaking the projects into tasks and assembling the team for it. The team is made out of a project manager, designer(s), developers, frontend developers and QA; some projects also require mobile developers and server administrators. The team then starts the design and development on the project in sprints, and each sprint includes planning, development with qa and evaluation.

After development is completed, project goes into final quality testing (including code review) and deployment.


As our motto states, quality is our main focus, and there’s no place where quality is more important than in development. In our whole process we strive to build the best code and we employ all the best practices:

  1. we use the best design patterns (mvc, factory, singleton, lazy instantiation, front controller, observer, etc.)
  2. we use source control (git mostly)
  3. we do automated deployments
  4. we comment our code, including phpdocumentor
  5. we write unit tests to test the sensitive parts of the code
  6. we try to find the most efficient and elegant solution
  7. and last but not least, we write beautifully structured clear code
Front-end Development

A big part of the web development is the frontend development; we strive to write the best html, css and javascript code.

Our current projects are almost exclusively responsive in design (mobile, tablet, desktop), built with a mobile-first approach. We know all the css tricks and build pixel-perfect cross-browser (and cross-platform) websites.

3rd Party APIs

During our years of development, we worked with tons of APIs, from the most popular to some niche ones.

3rd party API integrations

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