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When we first worked on Magento in 2009, we knew we found a winner. Since then we’ve worked on more than 100 Magento stores. We have certified backend and frontend developers on Magento, and work on complex web integrations on both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. By organising MeetMagento Romania we aim to make Magento even more popular in Romania for both merchants and developers.

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why work with us on your magento solution?

Magento is a beautifully complex solution, but this complexity does demand talented and experienced developers and frontend developers in order to extend Magento correctly. Our developers know Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition inside out, down to the smallest details, and their customisation work respects all development best practices. By working with us on Magento, you will have a secure, stable and optimised website, with all the functionality you need to take on your competitors. If you choose us as your Magento development company you will get the experience of one of our best Magento certified developer

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Payment: The past years we’ve worked with plenty of payment integrations for everything from credit card processing to recurring payment of subscriptions.

Magento Development Integrations - banca transilvania, payu, cardavantaj, beanstream, paypal, firstdata, authorize.net, eway, ogone

Magento’s complexity requires optimisations in order to have a website with good loading times, and we have all the tools:

  1. we optimise the customisations and extensions installed
  2. we make the necessary configurations and customisations to speed up Magento’s core
  3. we tune up the server
  4. we optimise the caching using Varnish, Redis
  5. we speed up the search with Solr or Sphinx
  6. we optimise the frontend for optimal frontend performance


The demand for speed is one of those things we’re sure won’t change: in 10 years, nobody will say
“I wish websites would load slower”.

Extensions: The most beautiful thing about Magento is its ecosystem, and a big part of this is represented by the extensions available. We’ve worked with all of the important extensions, and here are some of them:

  1. Layered Navigation Pro
  2. AjaxCart
  3. OneStepCheckout
  4. Subscriptions and Recurring Payments
  5. Customized Email Templates
  6. Reward Points
  7. QuickView
  8. GiftCards
  9. Daily Deals

CRM/ERP/Helpdesk: eCommerce business is also about inventory, invoicing and customer service, so ERP, CRM and Helpdesk integrations are frequently required. Some of the times the solutions we integrate with are prepared for Magento and other times they require custom development to achieve the integration. We’re up for both challenges.

custom development

Although Magento comes with a lot of custom functions out of the box, and a lot more are offered by the existing extensions, many times there’s a need for a completely unique new function. Here are some examples of some impressive customisations we did:

Groped Configurable Products

Magento has grouped products, and configurable products, but we encountered a unique scenario where we needed to group together a collection of configurable products. Even further, we also needed to make this new feature compatible with layered navigation modules and a series of the extensions involved in the Magento instance.

IaaS Hosting — Xyne

Xyne’s business focuses on selling network hardware and also managed software licenses for that hardware. The licensing model is both pre-paid license or an on-demand, and the Magento based solution automatically handles all the billing through Magento orders with credit card processing.

Personalised Shopping — ShoeLook

When it comes to fashion, everything is about personal-style: ShoeLook’s implementation had the registering user go through a quiz to determine her style preferences and then display a custom set of products based on those preferences.

Affiliate Shopping — ShoeLook

In addition to the personalised shopping, ShoeLook’s business model relied on shoppers to havea monthly subscription that included a purchase. Buyers also had the option of inviting friends to the platform and get rewarded purchase points (used to buy products) for their registration and purchases.

We’re eager to hear about your challenges on Magento.
Get in touch with us and tell us what you need our help on.

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