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Meet Magento 2015 event overview

The event

The second Meet Magento edition in Romania received amazing feedback from over 450 attendees, who showed up eager to learn new things, make new business and develop the online market in Romania. The event had a big impact on the regional eCommerce ecosystem by reuniting the biggest, most important brands in the industry for two days of excellent content and valuable networking. The conference took place on October 2-3, and was proudly organized by our team here at MindMagnet.

The setup, 6 themed tracks covering 2 days of presentations and workshops, featured a large panel of national and international speakers all bringing the newest business ideas and the latest trends.

And we wouldn’t have succeeded without the support from the local IT industry. We want to give special thanks to our platinum sponsors, Evozon and Microsoft, our gold sponsors Blugento and Autoworld Audi, to our silver sponsors Cerb, Casa Italia and our bronze partners Impress, Up Vision, Pitech+Plus, Netlogiq, BGB, A&I Consulting and Euroweb.

The party(s)

Meet Magento debuted with a pre-event party sponsored by the local Audi representatives, Autoworld. Speakers, organizers and key industry players had a great quality networking evening at the newest fine cuisine restaurant in Cluj-Napoca, Fragment.

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And the crazy after party from which we can’t remember too much of :) Party404, also at it’s second edition, was the biggest geek party in Transylvania organized exclusively for local developers and Meet Magento participants. We succeeded in bringing together all the developers from the city in a one night rager with free drinks and great music. The dance floor was busy and full of dancing shoes all vibrating on the music of Sonja Moonear and guests. The event took place in Club Midi, which is the benchmark of the Romanian clubs.

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Media coverage

Such a big event will always make a fuss among the media outlets. This year we had over 50 media partners covering the entire event, both online and offline. Bloggers, news websites, local press and important national media players covered the conference, generating over 70 articles about the event, and delivering the news to an audience of hundreds of thousands.

Social media was also an important part of the event. A notable 560.000 total reach within the industry with our special tailored hashtag #mm15ro and the social networks boomed with check-ins, pictures and live coverage of the event on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you!

But it’s not time to say goodbye, because we’re already working on the 2016 event. So, see you soon! :)

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More photos here: www.facebook.com/meetmagentoromania

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