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Mark Your Calendars For Meet Magento Workshop 2017


We are so excited to announce our upcoming Magento workshop, which will be taking place on March 10th, at ACADEMY+PLUS Cluj-Napoca. For this edition, Marius Străjeru is going to be your Magento Master.

What’s a Magento Master, you ask? It’s a Magento program developed with the purpose of rewarding and empowering the most active Magento community members.

Marius Străjeru has been selected as a Magento Mentor for this year’s program. You can check him and the other ones, out here. He achieved this distinction thanks to the contributions he made for Magento 2 on Github, for moderating and helping the community on Magento StackExchange (where he is #1, by the way), creating the Ultimate Module Creator tool, and lastly thanks to his speaking engagements. Marius has been a PHP developer for 11 years. He discovered his passion for Magento 9 years ago. Currently, he works at Arnia Software and likes to help people and answer questions on Magento StackExchange.

Now that we’ve established how amazing Marius is, let’s take a quick peek at the workshop’s agenda. The registration portion will be held between 9:30 – 10:00. Then, the event will start with:

  • Dependency Injection
  • Plugins/Interceptors/Interception
  • Doing things differently (M1 => M2)

At 13:30, there is going to be a tasty pizza break. Afterward, Marius will continue the workshop and discuss these topics:

  • Backend UI-components
  • Unit testing
  • Create a CRUD extension
  • Magento 2 Code Quality

This event is organized by MindMagnet, who are delighted to provide the opportunity for industry experts to learn and grow as Magento professionals. These type of workshops allow us to showcase real-life experiences, examples, case studies, and most importantly tips and tricks for all the participants who are interested in improving their Magento development skills.

We have only 30 seats available for this Meet Magento workshop, so if you want to get your ticket, wait no more and do it now.

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