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Highlights From Meet Magento DE 2017 In Leipzig #MM17DE

A couple of weeks ago, Vlad Stanescu, MindMagnet CEO, Sandu Babasan, CFO, and Laurentiu Marian, Head of PM, attended the Meet Magento event that took place in Leipzig. We’re incredibly grateful that we were able to be present at the event and meet up with awesome people who are part of the Magento community. This was the 11th edition of Meet Magento DE and the biggest one in Germany so far. Who knows how much bigger it will get next year?


Now that we were able to reflect on what happened during the event, we thought that it was the perfect time to do a little recap. In this article, we’re going to share our favorite things about Meet Magento 2017 in Leipzig.

What We Loved About #MM17DE

1. First of all, we loved the fact that the schedule was easy to follow. We had the print version available as well as a mobile app with the program for the conference. It was so convenient for us to know everything that was going on during the event and, most importantly, make sure that we wouldn’t miss a thing.

2. The Meet Magento Award was one of the main things that caught our attention. It was organized for the first time last year. Any online store based in Germany was able to enter this competition for a chance to win the title of the best online Magento shop regarding design and usability. There were three winners every year, which were hand-picked out of 10 online stores. This year, the jury was formed by no more and no less than 15 eCommerce experts.

3. We thought that it was kind of interesting to see attendees as well as speakers who own online stores that are not running on Magento. It’s amazing to see how people with different backgrounds can contribute to the Magento world.

4. It was refreshing to hear the keynotes of Mark Lavelle, CEO at Magento, and Paul Boisvert, VP of Product Management. Paul kickstarted the event and talked about the product portfolio of Magento, the roadmap, the growth of the community, and Magento’s shift from Distribution to Contribution. Mark discussed about the vision, the future and the ecosystem of Magento.

5. We enjoyed the fact that aside from the technical presentations, we were able to attend business orientated conference sessions as well. This year, the organizers added the Merchant to Merchant session. Kneipp, e.GO, I Am Mortal and Orwo were the four retailers who discussed ideas, strategies, challenges and projects. The business presentation held by Jan Sperlich, General Manager at GRAVIS, was on point as well.

6. Fabrizio Branca’s presentation was one of the best ones in the conference, with a very detailed description on super-scaling a Magento project with Kubernetes.

7. Vinai Kopp had a fantastic presentation where he introduced us to Lizards & Pumpkins. He basically showed us how his solution solves the problem that merchants have when it comes to performance and scalability.

8. The venue for the event was a good choice. We liked the fact that there were three separate conference rooms which were very easy to find.

9. Last, but certainly not least, the parties were so much fun. We met up with some good old friends there and had a blast making new ones.

That being said, we can’t wait for the next Meet Magento event. If you want to keep in touch with us and see what we’re up to, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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