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DOES good design make a difference?

Are you wondering whether it’s worth investing in a website redesign and if it’s going to make a real difference? We can tell you that you’re not the only one questioning this. In fact, this is the first thing business owners ask before making this decision.

Why it’s worth making your website look better? Because the visitors will judge you based on how it looks and in a fraction of a second they’ll know if they consider you trustworthy or not.

What Is Good Web Design?

Perhaps we should start this article by answering this question. The answer is much more complex than you’d think. Here’s what defines good web design:

  • The layout. It refers to how the visual elements of a page are displayed, and it consists of whitespace, flow, and alignment.
  • Navigation. It will determine how visitors interact with your site.  
  • Colors. Subconsciously, colors impact a visitor’s impression of your site because they can evoke certain emotions and reactions.
  • Typography. You know how people make fun of the Comic Sans font? Well, it’s not for nothing. People have a preference when it comes to typography because it impacts readability.
  • Call to actions. A visitor doesn’t have to guess what action to take when they land on a page. You should be the one to trigger them.

Will Good Design Make a Difference?

Long story short: Yes, it will. But we have to come up with some arguments so here’s why good web design is so important.

First of all, visitors decide whether or not they trust a website based on its design. This finding was revealed in a study conducted by Social Triggers. One of the most common issues the participants found were poor navigation, busy layout, small print, unappealing design, and too much text.

Furthermore, the participants for the study did not explore the sites past the homepage due to the poor interface. The takeaway here is that if your visitors are not interested in finding more about your site, then you know it’s time to consider a different design.

Web design is also all about building trust, whether you’re running an eCommerce business, a Saas, or you’re providing services. Consumers say that a good looking website is more trustworthy than an outdated one. Why? Because if you invest money in design, then your services or products are definitely legit and of high-quality.

Let’s imagine what it would be like to enter a website for the first time.

On the homepage, the first thing we want to see is what this company does, which is usually conveyed in the headline right at the top of the page. If the message is clear, we’ll continue to scroll down the page to find out more about their product/services or read some testimonials. Then, we might be ready to check out the dedicated pages where they explain more about what they offer.

The layout, the colors, the typography, the size of the text and the site navigation will determine whether we, as users, will go as far as becoming interested in doing business with them. Capturing the interest and building trust is most certainly a roadblock that can make the difference between growing your business or going out of business.

What Will You Do?

The entire purpose of good web design is to make the users’ life as easy as possible. This means that your site has to guide them, teach them and guide them towards the next action.

If you want to take your site to the next level, feel free to contact us and tell us more about your needs. We’re always excited to take on new projects.    

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