Magento Continuous Development


In a project’s lifetime, the pre-launch is just a very short honeymoon, followed by continuous development. Sometimes tasks are maintenance, and they’re mostly about adding new features and constant improvement TorontoVaporizer is a project that although we haven’t originally development, we took over for continuous development; initial phase was a complete audit which produced a list of invisible but important technical improvements and of course functional improvements. Among the improvements, most notable was a complete revamp of the checkout, using our PrimeCheckout extension, but with a modified one screen flow, and the results are great. Although maintenance is generally unspectacular, TVape’s feedback was great: “We have been working with MindMagnet for about 6 months now and have been very happy […]

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Blugento Expert Partner


Blugento is a Software-as-a-Service solution built by us on Magento Community Edition, with a clear mission to help small businesses start their online shop with zero hassle, on a strong platform they can grow with. Its execution is very close to native Magento, yet it brings some key features that would usually require developer assistance, as well as a perfect localisation for the markets it’s launched in. This is why Blugento is the officially recommended solution by Magento for Small Businesses in Europe. So in over 95% of the cases, Blugento natively does everything that a small business would need from its store, but for larger stores, there are those edge cases which need some custom development on. The power […]

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mCommerce will finally work


There was a strong trend to build mobile apps for eCommerce, but it was my strong opinion that this was something that was worth the effort only for large brands. The reason for this was that users don’t want to install another app on their phone unless they are planning to use it repeatedly, and the reality is that with the exception of a few shops they are not planning to do so (regardless how much stores would like them to). It’s close to impossible to convince a first time user (or perhaps even a returning user) to go into the effort of installing an app. Think about it: how many shops you have installed apps for? (for me, it’s […]

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Project setup … the basics


Every once in a while we get involved into a new project that was handled by small agencies or freelancers and we’re seeing they’re missing the most basic of the good practices in setup and workflow. So I thought it would be a good idea to describe how we’re setting up new projects, however trivial it might seem for seasoned developers. The projects I mentioned are sometimes so unorganised, that they have no version control; so proper setup, coding best practices and documentation are out of the question. I’m going to use the example of a Magento project, but these principles apply to probably any project. Modman & Git Most of the projects we see, don’t use a good Modman […]

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Azure: WordPress on SQL Server


Microsoft Azure is a  cloud hosting solution growing in popularity, and its Platform-as-a-Service approach is very interesting in this Infrastructure-as-a-Service world; since Microsoft is focusing more and more on open source, Azure is becoming a very good option. The advantage of PaaS over IaaS in this case is that you can use the Azure App Services and Service Plans to set up applications running on servers you won’t need to configure or really care about; you’ll configure them to automatically scale up and down as your traffic grows or decreases, and you’ll pay for the resource usage by the minute. Azure is not the least expensive of the cloud hosting providers, but its PaaS approach will definitely make it less expensive […]

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Smart eCommerce and how we support the local entrepreneurs


Smart eCommerce is a series of micro-events dedicated to entrepreneurs from small and medium sized cities in Romania. It’s objectives are to break know-how barriers about eCommerce benefits by sharing tools, tips and tricks for developing businesses through the online medium. The series is set to take place in 18 or more cities, covering over 50 hot topics with help from over 20 pros from the eCommerce ecosystem. And we’re only talking about 2016. More details about the event here. So far, the event debuted in Zalău, an efervescent Transylvanian city where 48 entrepreneurs and eCommerce enthusiasts gathered for 3 and a half hours of quality content and valuable networking. Our agency’s involvement is pretty straight forward. We loved the idea of opening […]

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Amasty associate partnership


We are happy to announce our associate partnership with Amasty, one of the biggest Magento extension developers and marketplaces in the world. Amasty is one of the most important companies from the European ecommerce ecosystem. With more than 6 years on the market they have produced 115 extensions and they have made more then 50000 customers happy about their products. Also, this year Val Hrykyan represented Amasty at Meet Magento Romania. The CEO and founding member of the company shared with us some of his earned knowledge during his talk “Support X-Files”. More info here.

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Meet Magento 2015 event overview


The event The second Meet Magento edition in Romania received amazing feedback from over 450 attendees, who showed up eager to learn new things, make new business and develop the online market in Romania. The event had a big impact on the regional eCommerce ecosystem by reuniting the biggest, most important brands in the industry for two days of excellent content and valuable networking. The conference took place on October 2-3, and was proudly organized by our team here at MindMagnet. The setup, 6 themed tracks covering 2 days of presentations and workshops, featured a large panel of national and international speakers all bringing the newest business ideas and the latest trends. And we wouldn’t have succeeded without the support […]

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Swimathon for Yuppi


The 2015 edition of the Cluj Swimathon helped 21 social projects, and gathered over 270 swimmers, 600 donors, 20 volunteers and 1000 attendees. It meant a lot for the local community and that’s just a few reasons we signed up. We would like to thank our team for the dedication (Stefan Iurasog, Daniel Mandea, Laurentiu Marian, Silviu Vintu and Eva Marina) and also our sponsors for their support. For the event we choose to swim for Yuppi Camp, a social project that offers a secure physical and emotional environment in which, the participant children can forget their daily worries and can freely smile – and meanwhile they remember how is to be happy and smile without worries. Here they learn that the illness is just a “box”. To […]

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Proud to be apart of The Netresearch Excellence Group


The Netresearch Excellence Group Successful projects need a strong team, experience, exchange, professional competence and passion. For international projects there is also a demand for local know-how and global expertise. Within the Netresearch Excellence Group, we help our customers to benefit from the opportunities of internationalization. The members of the Netresearch Excellence Group are handpicked and are all experts in their field. They have excellent qualifications, certifications and that special something. We all share the same passion for e-commerce projects and the demand for high quality. Having previously collaborated on numerous projects, we are now taking the next step and carry out our activities under the name Netresearch Excellence Group. To see the members of the Netresearch Excellence Group and […]

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