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Welcome to MindMagnet, a workplace where people can be themselves and get valued for their unique skills. We’re all gifted superheroes here, and we know that because we really, really like big challenges. How can we explain our everyday magic? Well, we actually can’t. It’s chemistry, fun and hard work. Oh, and we’d love to know what your superpowers are.

Jobs available now

Senior Magento Developer More details +
Extensive web programming experience and significant development experience with Magento.
  • minimum 3 year of experience with Magento
  • minimum 5 years of experience with PHP and web programming
  • good knowledge of Magento's template structure and general Magento architecture
  • Magento Developer Certification is a big plus
  • create custom extensions for new functionality
  • extend Magento Community and Enterprise functionality for custom business needs
  • create scalable & robust Magento coding
  • work on mission critical, enterprise level solutions
Senior Web Developer More details +
Extensive web programming experience and significant development experience on PHP with ZendFramework, Symfony (or other framework).
  • minimum 5 years of experience with PHP and web programming
  • good knowledge of ZendFramework/Simfony or other framework
  • JavaScript, Ajax
  • create complex MVC applications using ZendFramework/Sinfony
  • write clean and optimised code
  • find elegant solutions to complicated problems
Senior Magento Frontend Developer More details +
Must be proficient in HTML and CSS, with minimum of 3 years of experience in Magento themes.
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Good knowledge of Magento
  • responsive design
  • JavaScript (optional)
  • Magento Frontend Certification is a big plus
  • create clean HTML5 and CSS3 code
  • integrate Magento standard functionality
  • create custom frontend functions on Magneto
  • responsive design integration
Senior Devops More details +
Experience in administration and automation of Linux systems for web application development and maintenance.
  • strong knowledge and experience of Linux systems administration
  • knowledge of automation tools (Chef/Puppet)
  • knowledge of LAMP and LNPP stack
  • cloud Experience (AWS, Azure)
  • experience in the administration of RDBMS databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • experience in caching technologies (Redis, Memcached)
  • experience in search servers (Elastic Search, Solr, Sphinx)
  • experience of Virtualisation technologies
  • monitoring and managing all environments
  • designing, scaling out, and maintaining a Cloud-based infrastructure
  • developing Scripts and great ideas to automate system deployment to scale the infrastructure
  • build deployment, management, monitoring and security systems using DevOps techniques
  • collaborate with development teams to identify needs for building and deploying their applications into test environments.
  • facilitate, manage and communicate information related to server environments - their current state, deployed versions and availability to developers, QA, PM
Send us an email at hr@mindmagnet.ro

Why should you work at MindMagnet?

For the projects

We like intense, fun discussions, do creative stuff, and use our talent and superpowers to achieve our goals. We have the best clients and the best projects.

We love big ideas and are always up for a challenge. We know you do your best work when working on something that you love, so you’ll get the projects you can shine the most on. Join us in building a better web, one website at a time.

For the people

At MindMagnet we insist you do what you love while collaborating with talented like-minded people. Here you’d be surrounded by rockstar designers and programmers, who will help you be a better developer and team player.

The office is your second home, that’s why you have a flexible schedule and we’ve set up small cozy offices (say goodbye to the cubicle), a playroom, terrace and other cool perks.

For our strong values

Creativity and courage We believe that people who are allowed to be themselves do a better job, which is why we welcome diversity, creativity, courageous approaches and personal style.

Freedom with responsibility We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit allowing all team members to take diverse initiatives driving business results, within a defined framework of accountability.

Complete openness We make sure everybody enjoys an open door workplace and we make sure everyone has access to as much information about the company as possible.

Our team is our brand We are aware that our people provide the ultimate delivery of our brand promise, that’s why we make absolutely sure that you are an efficient brand ambassador for you as a professional and as a MindMagnet employee.

We’re very approachable and would love to speak to you. Feel free to call, send us an email or simply complete the enquiry form on the right.


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